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Our Worldview

Our Vision

Our advisory services, investigative research, knowledge transfer, our decision support services, and technological designs and solutions add real value to any organization. All our services are inclusive rather than just a partial patchwork of short-term fixes. We deliver sustainable.

We are truly transdisciplinary and intercultural in our approach to fully understand our clients’ risks and opportunities and to identify important value propositions within their organizations.

Our entire purpose is to help people and their organizations find meaningful solutions that ultimately serve as transformative functions for their business.

Our Technology & Philosophy


The solutions and strategies of SCG are designed to be real-time input and output data-driven, and they are aimed at incorporating proprietary data and information source strategies, but also and more importantly, they thrive in parallel through the incorporation of unfettered open-source information.


Often it is such external open-source information that provides important context to internal processes and problem-solving methodologies. Today’s solutions must remove human failure and unstable human decision-making patterns wherever possible. One of the most central philosophies of the SCG advisory team is to deliver decision automation wherever possible, and remove potential human failure points systematically and permanently. The SCG team of scientists is making extensive use of Quantum Relation based AI Technology to support this quest.


Whether SCG delivers conceptual ideas, reports, consultation and advice, education, or hard technology and complete systems; the underlying philosophical approach of our team is always consistent with SCG’s quantum relational methodology.


Under SCG’s strategies, facts and complex information learned in real time through powerful computers and AI program-driven research can typically be applied to actual problems within milliseconds.


Likewise, its application results can deliver instant feedback to further optimize the problem-solving process. SCG deploys all its services by applying the principle that information is best used in real-time. We are, therefore, charting new territory in the consulting and solution-providing business.


Speed in resolving modern-world problems has become increasingly critical. The application of newly learned knowledge is extremely time-sensitive because information is often a highly perishable product. The best and most expensive knowledge of one moment may be worthless shortly thereafter, unless it is immediately applied to a problem. The technological productions of leading market indicators in real-time financial markets are a prime example of the need to act instantaneously on real-time information. The design of SCG Solutions makes this need one of its central objectives.